Dreamguard is a game where you will have to protect a youngster’s sleep with a guardian of your choosing. You will control the guardian in a dream world where you will have to evade obstacles, enemies and projectiles the enemies shoot. Your guardian is also able to shoot the enemies to destroy them. The game consists of many different multi-staged levels where the difficulty is determined by the amount of sleep the youngster needs.

How to play?

Choose your guardian!

Defeat monsters!

Avoid obstacles!

Sleep tight!

What does the game teach?

The main goal of the game is to reflect the importance of the amount and quality of sleep. The player will also be taught the different stages of sleep while playing the game because the levels move forward in sleep cycles. After a hard day the amount of sleep required is bigger and after an easier day it is smaller. The purpose is to make the player understand that the quality and amount of sleep are connected and also to give advice about the correct amount of sleep needed with the help of demonstrative indicators.

At the beginning of each map the player will be shown a story about the sleeping youngster’s day. Exams, feelings, day’s rations, exercise or the lack of it will determine the amount of sleep the youngster needs. The levels in the game are built with these stories in mind so a mentally hard day will cause the survival in the dream world to be harder and the quality of the sleep to be worse.