Our story began 19th of January when group 15TIKO4 was split into smaller teams to develop awesome and educational games. Our group consisted four business information systems students and a visiting graphic artist who studies in Mediapolis. Only thing we were still missing was a name. We needed something under which we could proudly present our game project. After desperate brainstorming we decided to rely on a random name generator which helped us to find what we were looking for: Confused Volcano.

Our working method is based on Scrum framework which split our project into active two-week sprints and that way helped us to create an effective working environment. Every team member has its own role in project and our team is able to work independently and produce a finished game to our client. In our team, every member is equal and work is done in a very interactive environment by listening to everyone’s opinion and learn from them.

Juuso Pakarinen, Programmer

Juuso is a programmer who can take into account deadlines and facts. With his drawing skills he has also been appointed as a graphic artist’s assistant. Juuso has also created level designs. Despite of strong opinions Juuso is the most calm person in our team.


Tero Saarenheimo, Programmer

Tero is our team’s second programmer who has been taking care of the making of our game’s trailer in addition to programming. His skills with video editing and programming are good. Tero is our group’s most logical thinker.


Henri Riutta, Scrummaster

Henri is working as a leader who makes sure that everything is done on time and every team member gives their best in what comes to the project. He is also the storyteller of our group who has taken responsibility for the game's stories.


Siiri Savolainen, Webmaster

Siiri is our team’s ”plus one”, the helping hand. She will help with everything as much as she can. Her main responsibility is the website. She is an awful language police and she likes to take care of getting things done in time.


Sofi-Ilona Löhönen, Graphic artist

Sofi is our graphic artist from Medapolis who has taken the time and effort to make the guardians and enemies with their animations and graphics for the website.